Good Tidings

Good Tidings collection

They’re here!

I asked for your favourite Christmas Carol lines, and these were the clear favourites! I had hoped to do four designs for this series, but due to time constraints and a bunch of extra custom orders (shoutout to all you wonderful people!), I reminded myself that sometimes it’s okay to do less. And I love how these have turned out.

A Thrill of Hope is my favourite: so delightfully unbound to only being a festive season thing. The words of O Holy Night are such that I would sing that song every day of the year. In His Name all oppression shall cease… in all our trials born to be our friend… He appeared and the soul felt its worth… let all within us praise His holy name! So many lines of pure gold. It was hard to narrow it down to illustrate just one.

You can grab these designs as singles or a pack to share the Good Tidings with your loved ones, and don’t forget you can download free wallpapers for your phone and desktop!

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