…for as long as we both shall live

Andrews Vows

Marriage is an incredible, sacred covenant. It’s a pretty big deal. Promises made on the wedding day aren’t just sentiment – they are a daily commitment. I’m pretty sure I’ve made a huge flop of the vows I made to my husband on our wedding day countless times – but part of the promises we made was to stick with each other unconditionally, seeking each others’ growth and healing when we fail. Once, in the middle of a stinking turd of a fight, we forced ourselves to read out what we’d promised to each other on our wedding day. As we read them aloud to each other, we were reminded of the bigger thing we were part of. We were reminded of why, and more importantly, how we were together: grounded in God’s strength and love, and not our own. The fight didn’t – couldn’t – last any longer.

I loved being able to work on Isaac and Cathy’s wedding vows for them. Their words are special and packed full of truth and hope. May these visual reminders keep you fixed on God’s plan for marriage and His presence in your relationship!

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