Lately, I’ve found myself¬†turning corners to find the ugliness of my sin all up in my face. It’s ever before me. I’m so aware of my own powerlessness to save, of the hopelessness of my nature. I’m feeling the biting dig of the thorn of pride in my flesh, the one that’s kept me from realising all this before.

And in my wretchedness, I hear grace. Grace. Grace.

Grace poured out for me.

Grace abounding to me.

Grace so amazing, so divine; grace that demands my soul, my life, my all.

It’s simple and ridiculous and I’m so thankful.


From His fullness we all have all received, grace upon grace.


I’ve saved this onto my phone screen to as a trigger to keep my eyes lifted to His grace. Feel free to do the same if you like – just click to download, save to your phone and load as wallpaper.



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